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Who are we?

Visit us for healthy meal replacement shakes, post-workout shakes, plant protein nutrition, energizing teas, and a relaxing atmosphere!


Located in the Fishers Landing Plaza, we are the go-to spot for healthy shakes in Victor, NY. We offer a variety of menu items to promote your healthy lifestyle with both dine-in and take-out options at our healthy shake bar. 


At our core, LevelUp Nutrition focuses on healthy snacks, hydration drinks, and overall nutrition. We are proud to serve delicious options that are also actually really good for you!

A little about us 

LevelUp is a nutrition club for everybody! The most popular item on our menu is the meal replacement shake combo. This includes two drinks; first is an energizing tea that boosts your metabolism and helps with alertness and focus, paired with herbal aloe which aids in digestion.


Second is a meal replacement shake that is high in protein and fiber, and low in carbs, sugar, and fat. Our shakes can be made with one of three protein base options; soy, whey / casein, or a blend of quinoa, rice and pea. Of course, there are many great boosters that you can add to your shake and tea to customize your experience, too! If you're unsure of which flavor to pick from our many options, ask your barista about their favorite!

When you completely fall in love with our products, you can maintain your healthy lifestyle and order them for home, too! Our wellness coaches will design a completely custom nutrition program for you for free, all you pay for is your products!

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